Get mom something she really wants like... idk, help her booty dream come true?

WTF advertisers?? Seriously?

So this is what came in my email today as a suggested Mother’s Day present. 

Have you heard of the “DB” machine? I’m not exactly sure what it stands for (except maybe “Diabolical Buttocks”) but this is a specialized squat machine solely designed to work the glutes.

I cannot imagine a less fitting Mother’s Day present than this, because:

A. Exercise machine, really??

B. Nothing says “I love you mom!” more than gifting her a machine which says “I’ve noticed your buttocks!”

C. Not only have they been noticed, they’ve been identified as needing improvement.

What was the marketing team thinking?!?

I just noticed that the small child in the photo probably means the targeted audience is NOT adult children afterall, like I thought, but even worse... This is for the husband. So you can imagine who’s sleeping on the couch on Mother’s Day.

Granted, he’s the only one in the house who’s *allowed* to notice mom’s body parts but not by gifting something that essentially says “that needs work!” Oh my.

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